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I've been away too long,
Mostly been busy being an independent, yep now that mom's been gone about 6 months, I've learnt the value of independence..and that you need a girl around the house no matter what cause guys cannot manage their own shit easily xD.

I now have a schedule for everything, including my times for musication and animation...

there's a rhyme in there about masturbation but I'd like to think I've grown...and there's a pun that I noticed there so I really haven't...xD.

There's also spots for jogs, gyming, martial arts and I've also taken up rock climbing...yeah i'm looking for well roundedness, I even go to the beach very often...improve my social ranking by flirting with works =)and then if I get shot down the water is pretty cold as well xD.

So yeah, will be posting the fruits of my labours soon...I've tinkered with alot of stuff in my yeah hopefully that'll be something to look at.

see how that goes..miss ya'll and wondering if I'm either case I know who by...=)

have a good one all,
much love, peace and prosperity.

Corey 'The Reverend' Ferns

P.S Jyeahhhh I got a cool nickname too, sure its kind of ironic with the ladies but who doesn't like a pervy man of the cloth xD.
  • Listening to: Nothing left to lose - Puddle of Mudd
  • Reading: Graphic Novels (I need literature!)
  • Watching: M*A*S*H and Good Morning Vietnam
  • Drinking: Budweiser
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Submitted on
November 8, 2009